Pharr joins thousands of cities across the United States in proactively working with the community to ensure a complete count in each of our jurisdictions and municipalities during the fast-approaching 2020 Census. As such, a Complete Count Committee has been created to plan and conduct local educational initiatives that will increase community awareness and participation for Census 2020.

It is vital to acquire accurate census information. Having each person counted ensures that communities and municipalities will have the capability to plan for future growth and development, programs, infrastructure, and social initiatives through the disbursement of federal dollars. It also means that our voice will be heard in Austin and Washington D.C. because data collected by the census determines the number of seats we have in our state and federal legislatures.

Pharr has experienced tremendous growth over the last ten years, and it our duty to make sure we are all counted. If you are interested in learning more about the census and what you can do be an advocate and ambassador for the 2020 Census, please contact 956-402-4000 or visit www.census.gov to learn more

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