International Market

The Pharr International Bridge is one of the greatest assets for the city of Pharr. Conveniently connected to the City of Reynosa, it is the key point of entry for trade, providing air, sea, and land access to international and domestic markets. The bridge is the 7th fastest growing port of entry in the United States and processes a record $35.38 billion in trade annually worldwide. It is also the #1 port of entry in the nation that transports produce to Texas and the rest of the country. Pharr is conveniently located on the intersection of Interstates 69C and 2, and contains access to U.S. Route 83, the longest north-south highway in the United States.

With the bridge and prime location of the city, Pharr has acquired a strong customer base that has helped the city grow. The bridge measures 3.2 miles long and has the fastest commercial crossing time in the lower Rio Grande Valley – enticing transportation companies to use our bridge for international trade and commerce.

Top exports include petroleum gases, gasoline and other fuels, motor vehicle parts, TVs, computer chips, electrical supplies, and so much more. To learn more about the Pharr International Bridge, visit

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